Hearthstone Pylon Cup III

Tavern Hero Qualifier


Date: Saturday June 09, 2018




Das Degginger

Wahlenstraße 17

93047 Regensburg


How to get there:


The venue is situated in the heart of the historic city center of Regensburg. It can be reached by walking from the main station in 15 minutes.



Tavern Hero Qualifier


The tournament has been accepted by Blizzard as a Tavern Hero Qualifier tournament. Hereby the winner of the tournament will be able to qualify for the European Challenger Finals and thus join season 2 of the Hearthstone Championship Tour 2018. More information regarding this can be found at the official sites of Blizzard.


Tournament Mode

  • Prelim
    • 6 rounds Swiss system
    • depending on the amount of participants it will be decided at the tournament day whether it will be played in one big group or more than group
    • Best of 3
  • Finals
    • The best 8* players qualify for the finals (*when participant number exceeds 48 the best 16 players)
    • 3 Rounds Single Eliminiation
    • Best of 3

Time Schedule

  • Registration: 10h00 - 11h30
  • Start Group Stage: 12h00
  • exp. Start Finals: 18h00




The amount of participants is limited to 64 players. In case that more players register, they will be placed on the waiting list.



Please check the tournament rules before participating in the tournament!




The organizing team and venue do not provide devices. Please make sure that your own device runs the latest version of Hearthstone and is able to connect to WLAN. Furthermore, gaming sound is only allowed by the usage of headphones. In case you don't want to miss the sound please don't forget to bring your headphones.



You can join the tournament free of charge. By entering the venue you are nevertheless required to pay of 10 EUR to cover the event cost.




The venue is offering meals and drinks at reasonable cost.




  • The winner becomes Tavern Hero and hereby qualifies for the European Challenger Finals of Blizzard.
  • For the best four players of the Finals 7 card packs per player will be awarded.
  • The TOP 8 of the Prelim receive a Weekend Pass Ticket for the internationally known Seat Story Cup IX organized by TakeTV. The event takes place from 26 to 29 of July 2018 in the German city Krefeld and 32 of the world's best Hearthstone players participate.
  • After the Prelim and before the beginning of the Finals you can choose your champion among the remaining players. If the player wins the tournament and you are present until the end, you will receive two card packs.



To participate in the tournament a pre-registration by using the registration form is required. The number of participants has been limited to 64 players and in case more players register, there won't be a guarantee that a participation is possible and players are positioned on the waiting list.


Important note: After the succesful pre-registration you still have to register on the tournament day at the venue. This has to be done before 11:30am or else you won't be placed in the brackets.